Calvert County Senior Centers

Retired, but not idle or bored, Calvert's senior citizens serve as volunteers at the hospital, hospice, library, animal rescue, church, or a multitude of charitable or not-for-profit organizations. And, for recreation, they have senior centers—Located at the Calvert Pines (Prince Frederick) apartments, Southern Pines (Lusby), and North Beach.

The public busses stage at the centers for those seniors who don't drive.

Facilities at each center include: Dining room for week-day lunches, TV room for Wii games, weekly bingo and TV, a living room for bridge, reading, visiting, an auditorium, arts and crafts, a full stocked ceramics room including a kiln.

There are computer lessons available, including internet connection.

Health and fitness are not overlooked. Each of the three centers has a well-used fitness room with up-to-date machines for keeping fit.

There are also scheduled exercise groups in the nearby auditorium for pilates and classes for the ever-popular line dancing.

Recreation for the less vigorously inclined.

Office of the Aging staffs each site for assisting seniors on taxes, Social Security, Medicare...

For more information on activities and services: Office On Aging web site

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