Astronomy in Calvert County

Living in the country, away from city lights, encourages study of the night sky. The once in a lifetime opportunity to observe a passing comet, the massive meteor shower several years ago, a rare lunar eclipse are all easily available from a backyard or a beach.

Most special events are visible without benefit of a telescope. It's a matter of knowing when and where to look, and how to identify various constellations and planets. For instance, in the Summer of 2009, Mars was closer to earth than it has been in 5,000 years and would appear to be as large as our moon.

How to learn about these events? There's a planetarium in Calvert County. *

Arthur Storer Planetarium

Located on the grounds of Calvert High School and the site of the original Storer land, the planetarium offers educational programs about our night sky. These popular programs are free and are held throughout the school year on the first and third Friday evenings of the month. They are informative, entertaining, and the seats are very comfortable.

2014 Update: The Planetarium building has been renovated, upgraded to a digital projection system, and a space museum has been built inside. In a 2013 agreement with the Calvert County Public Schools, the planitarium will be run by the not-for-profit Volanz Aerospace educational corporation.
The building will be called the "Spaceflight America Museum and Science Center (at)Arthur Storer Planetarium and will reopen in December 2014/January 2015.

For more information on the museum see

There is an astronomy club in Calvert that meets regulary at Jefferson Patterson Park. See

Need a telescope to watch the heavens? Check out this Meade computer-assisted telescope available that manipulate aiming to specific constellations, stars, and planets.

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