Farmers and Hunters
Feeding the Hungry

It is rare when citizens and government and business work together to create a solution to one problem, much less three problems. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, a non-profit organization (Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, hunters, and local food banks have combined to control the deer population and feed poor families.

The problem:

The Answer:

Farmers and hunters deliver the harvested surplus deer to participating meat processors in each county. (There are two in Calvert.) Donations from churches, clubs, businesses and individuals cover the costs of processing, inspecting, packaging, and freezing the meat.

The frozen meat is then available free of cost for pick-up by food bank or feeding program. This nutritious, low fat, high protein meat is then distributed and/or cooked by community agencies such as: church pantries, church feeding ministries, food banks, and emergency assistance programs. The feeding agencies determine the need of individuals and families and distribute the meat accordingly. It sometimes is the only protein these needy families get.

The Calvert County (Southern Maryland) Chapter Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry contacts

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