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Scientists' Cliffs


The Calvert Cliffs rim 25 miles of the western shore of the Chesapeake from Herring Bay to Drum Point. Towering up to 130 feet above water level, they contain exposed marine fossile deposits from the Miocene period, when the area was a shallow sea. Searching for fossilized shark's teeth is a favorite beachcombing activity.

Except for the Calvert Cliffs State Park and the atomic energy plant, the shoreline is owned by private communities. Scientists' Cliffs is one of those communities.

azaleas In 1935 G. Flippo Gravatt and his wife, both forest pathologists in the Department of Agriculture, purchased the original 238 acres as a site for establishing a summer colony of scientists. An association of homesite owners was formed and incorporated. The bylaws adopted limited membership to scientists, but were later broadened to include all college graduates or professionals. Membership is subject to approval by the Association. There are few suitable building sites remaining in the community and availability of existing cabins for sale is rare.

Currently there are over 200 homesites, a community house, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a maintenance office, a parkland, and community gardens. The association has carefully maintained the original spirit of the community regarding appearance, plant and tree preservation, conservation of the cliffs and ravines.

Some of the original log cabins have been enlarged and renovated, and the newer homes are designed to fit into the wooded setting.

Taken from the Scientists' Cliffs Association information booklet
Photographs by Calvert County Living

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