Broomes Island Waterfront

A quiet community on the Patuxent River a couple of miles north of Solomons Island, with a mix of year-around residents and summer cottages, the island was hit hard by the 2003 hurricane Isabel.

Stoney's seafood restaurant is rebuilding once again for the Summer season.

Warren Denton's Seafood building and boat were both victims of the hurricane.

Bernie Fowler Day

Since 1988, on the second Sunday in June former state senator C. Bernard Fowler wades into the Patuxent River at Broomes Island in order to see how deep he can walk and still see his white sneakers. As a crabber and fisherman in the 1950s and 60s, Bernie could see his sneakers with the water up to chest or shoulder depth (57 to 60 inches), but he has been unable to do so for many years. He has seen some improvement in water clarity since 1988.

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