War of 1812 Reenactment

At Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

Held each year to share the history of the British invasion and the naval battle at St. Leonard Creek. (see also the wreck of Commodore Barney's fleet). Most of the photos in this article were taken at the reenactment in 2000, which was smaller and the audience could get closer to the action.

The 2008 reenactment was expanded to two days and included more participants (about 550), skirmishes, and two sloops representing the British warships. The Park was the actual site of the Battle of St. Leonard Creek, but the 2008 reenactment included the Battle of Bladensburg and the Battle of North Point. See the gallery of photos from the 2008 reenactment.

(Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum for information)

The Army Encampment

Camp followers

Wives and children followed Colonial soldiers to camp to avoid being left on the farms to be raped and pillaged by the invading Brits.